If you are skimming through this page already, a big congratulations for you! You are a conscious and a beautiful human being who cares about the planet. Landing here also shows you care about where and how you want to spend your money and that deserves all our respect.

 Recycled silver to us means breathing new life into old jewellery and artifact pieces. When it comes to sustainability and the ethical production, we want to do everything we can to lead the change towards a more transparent model.

Welcome to the loop! We are so excited to invite you, our customers, loyalists, friends, and followers to walk hand in hand with us and join our circular production. If protecting the environment and wearing ethical jewellery or owning artisanal artifacts seems like a great deal to you, then we have a surprise to announce. We at Méro Jewellery are proud to offer The Silver Recycle Project.

We are opening up our mailboxes and DMs to receive your old jewellery/ artifacts that would otherwise get thrown into landfill.

Once we receive your old items of jewellery/artifacts, we will melt, recycle and re-mould these pieces into new designs, and in return, send you Giveback Vouchers to spend on our online store! It’s a win-win both for our beautiful Mother Earth and you, our amazing supporters.

Sound Good? Trust us, it is. Here is how you can get involved and join our circular economy with your old jewels and artifacts:


Gather all these pieces of jewellery and artifacts you’ve grown tired of/don’t feel like wearing anymore/are a little tarnished/no longer fit or are broken (Lost earring perhaps?!)

These can be from any brand or label that you have shopped with over the years however the must be made from SILVER to be able to be recycled.


Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to register your return
(It takes 2 minutes!)

You must do this to receive a returns number from us, so we know who and what you are sending back to us. Returns shipped back to us WITHOUT this number will not be processed.


Once we receive your online form, we will email you with a return number. Write your return number on a piece of paper (Returns sent to us WITHOUT this number will not be eligible for Giveback vouchers).

Ship your return to the address mentioned in the email.


Once we receive your package, we check your jewellery/artifacts and analyse the metals. Please allow one week from us receiving your jewellery for this process.

Currently we can only recycle Silver.


We will then email you your Giveback Vouchers to spend online - Cha ching!! Your voucher amount will depend on what jewellery or artifact you have shared, how many pieces you have returned to us and the weight of these items.


It’s time to choose your new beloved pieces of Méro jewellery! Shop our online store or DM us on Instagram to get a recycled, amazing new accessory. The vouchers will be valid for 6 months from the day of email. 


We created a super sweet video to help explain our Silver Recycle Project for you too. Turn your sounds on and watch in 5 simple steps how to Recycle your old jewellery with us!

 Check it out by clicking below:


Now let’s address the elephant in the room and ask away the big question. Why should you trust us? Seriously why would you give us your expensive ancestral collectives that easily?

Méro Jewellery was born not just as a brand, but as an honest attempt to start conscious and mindful conversations about sustainability. Deeply rooted from the lands of Marwar, we have been weaving silver lining stories with our fine craftsmanship since 1955. To solidify your trust in us, we will send an authentic silver certification with every Give Back purchase you make from us.

Feels more authentic? Trust us and join our loop and be a part of the bigger picture, helping our planet in every way that we can.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go! Fill in the form below to get recycling: