About Us

"You have longed to belonging somewhere for way too long. To the wind, to the rain, to the land. What you didn’t know, it was there all along. In you...."

In a world full of consuming chaos, it is important to find permanence and home. Drawing inspiration from this, Méro brings your ideas and thoughts to life. Méro is a metaphor for a sense of belongingness to an artisanal trove of jewellery that is designed just for you.

Méro tells a story. A tale with rich cultural history of our ancestors and their personally collected treasure trove. It yearns the good ole’ timeless art and pays homage to the legacy of our silver jewellery designed over the years.

Méro was born out of pure and sheer love for bringing in aesthetically pleasing designs and relatable communication together. Méro solidifies its strength of precession, bestowing heartfelt experiences along with being conscious, mindful and sustainable. 

Méro loves earth and all its beings.